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    Posted by Joey W Hill Author January 19

    Over the past several years, things have been changing. In publishing, in the way we talk about books, and share info about them. There have also been changes in our lives as admins and members, the leisure time and resources we have and where we spend it. We know many long term members may have noticed that there’s not so much activity here these days except on several specific threads. Membership continues to grow, and we’re thrilled to see those new names! However, the activity logs suggest membership continues to grow primarily to read the vignettes, look at the lovely photography, and read content, rather than to participate in active social interaction.  That’s now understandably the realm of Facebook groups, Twitter, Pinterest, SnapChat, etc. 


    So, in a nutshell, here’s the deal. We realize that the things that are now primarily drawing membership here can be represented on Joey’s website, while the social functions can be offered through Facebook and other social media platforms. So, as of March 15, the JWH Connection forum is going to take its final bow. Don’t worry. None of us going away. 


    We’ve started a thread under Tea Leaves Lounge called JWH Connection Says Good-Bye. Jaime, Sandy and Joey will post notes there detailing their thoughts and feelings on this and where we go from here. We hope you won’t hesitate to post there as well, and ask any questions you have about the forum’s closing. 


    Important notes:


    1. The Vignettes will not be going away. As of today, those free downloads will now be available under the Cantrips page of Joey’s website - http://storywitch.com/series-cantrips.  Just scroll beneath the compilation volumes and you’ll see the full list of individual vignettes.


    2. Between now and March 15, if there are other posts you want to cut and paste to save in your own files or pictures you want to download to enjoy in the future, etc, please go ahead and do that, because after March 15, they’ll be gone.


    Now, please come join us over at the JWH Connection Says Good-Bye Thread!